My name is Jeremy Fabunan and I'm a cinematographer and editor based out of San Diego. I film all kinds of things, but you're probably most familiar with me because of my work with Keone & Mari. Feel free to check out my portfolio to see the work I've done with them as well as other video content you might find interesting.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it called drifter films? You don't even film cars.

"Drifter" is just some pseudonym I gave myself when I was a kid in middle school. since then, the name's  kind of stuck and grown on me over time. try not to read too much into it, it's just an arbitrary title.

Just check out my portfolio and hopefully you can get a sense for me based on my body of work as opposed to any first impressions of the name of my website. And who knows, maybe i will film cars in the future, you never know...

Q: Why are all your videos of dance films?

That's because I'm a dancer myself! Well, sort of. I stopped seriously dancing a few years ago when this whole video thing really took off. But I grew up in the Southern California Dance Community, dancing for teams such as Flipside & 220 and have attended classes at studios like Culture Shock, Studio FX, Studio 429, etc.

If you think about it in those terms, it just makes sense that I started making dance videos, because all my friends and creatives were part of that world.

q: do you have experience producing other types of videos?

i do! i'd never want to pigeonhole myself into just creating dance videos, although i suppose it has sort of become a niche for me.

aside from films featuring choreographers, i have experience creating videos in areas such as weddings, real estate, small businesses, promotional content, social media, client testimonials, corporate seminars, general event coverage, etc.  

Q: so you film weddings also? Will you film mine?

Yes and yes! weddings are such unique celebrations of love and something I very much enjoy capturing. Please send a message to jeremy@drifterfilms.co and we can go from there.